“Brookfield is a place of many moods.  It is the tranquility of a stream, the call of bellbirds, the clear shining after a storm.  It is the smell of eucalypts and the myriad colours of wattle, hovea and dogwoods.  It is equally the breathlessness of a bushfire and the roar of swirling winds.  It is cicadas singing on a hot summer’s afternoon and the dismal damp of prolonged wet weather.  It is ancient rocks and a glimpse of hidden wealth.  It is isolation and protectiveness, dense scrubs and hungry soils, past memories and future hopes.”


This description of Brookfield taken from Different Tracks by Libby Wager aptly depicts the fabric of Brookfield both in the distant past and the present.  The timbergetters were the first to arrive in the Brookfield district (called Moggill Creek) during the 1860s.  They were followed by the farmers who had dairy cattle and grew small crops such as pineapples, bananas, pawpaws, cauliflowers, etc.  By the 1950s, farming in the area was no longer viable.  Large properties were subdivided and many professional people were attracted to the semi-rural lifestyle which still exists today.

The Church itself is situated on approximately 2 hectares and maintains a large amount of undeveloped land behind it in anticipation of future needs.  Currently, the land is used for some Outreach Activities during the year.

Behind the Church is a large well-appointed hall opened in 1970 which provides space for indoor events as well as providing kitchen facilities (including electric jug, microwave, refrigerator), ceiling fans, a piano, a stage (with curtains), chairs and toilets just outside.  It also has a fenced area at the back.  The hall is available for rent by appropriate groups or for special occasions.

If you would like further information about using the Brookfield Church for a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral or the Hall for an appropriate event, please contact

Dr John Roulston AM on 0488 404 411