Reflections – Monthly Newsletter

Reflections is the monthly newsletter of the Brookfield Uniting Church.

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Following is the Minister’s Message from the June 2019 issue:


My wife and I will be leading Brookfield Uniting Church in Ministry from Sunday 2 June for the next 8 months. I am studying for full time ministry at Trinity College.

I have been working with the staff of the Sunnybank Uniting Church under Rev Lu Senituli, Senior Minister with the Samoan and Cook Islander communities who worship there.

In his words, I came to know God through the Ministry of my parents. My Father, Rev. Tino Scanlan and my Mother, the late Ali’itasi Scanlan were Ministers of the Word in The Presbyterian Church in New Zealand for 15 years then continued with the Uniting Church here in Brisbane for 8 years. My sister Dorian and I were very involved in Sunday School, Youth Ministry and in the general life of the church.

There have been three important learnings for me along the way:

First, is my awareness and learning about who God is…

Secondly, my learning about me as a person,…

Thirdly, the learning from the challenges, the questionings and even the doubts along the way.

But I have learnt that the God whom we worship in Jesus Christ is a God who calls and sends.

We give Thanks and Praise to God for the Life and Faith we have, In and Through Our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We Thank God for this privileged opportunity to serve God, in serving His Beloved People here in Brookfield Uniting Church.

We Pray God will lead us in the Mission and Vision of Brookfield, to serve His will and build the Body of Christ together.

To God be All Honour and Glory ….Praise Be To God!

We give Thanks and Praise to God for the Life and Faith we have, In and Through Our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Malcolm Scanlan