Reflections – Monthly Newsletter

Reflections is the monthly newsletter of the Brookfield Uniting Church.

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Following is the Minister’s Message from the September 2020 issue:


Greetings Church Family in the life-Giving and redeeming Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our journey through August has been of coming out of sorts, a coming out of the cloud of uncertainty and chaos and now seeing a new horizon ahead, as we begin a new journey and a new season, in a new norm.

It’s like being in a plane, going through rough weather and turbulence, not able to see where you are going and feeling the unsteady movements, only trusting the pilot.

And then things begin to calm and you see a light piercing through the clouds and you feel a sense of relief, peace and reassurance.

God’s word to us is just like that light that pierces through the clouds, a reminder to keep looking to Jesus, for He is the ‘stiller of the storm’ and the ‘giver of strength’ (Matt.14:22-33).

God’s word reminds us of the compassionate love of the Father, through the
Son and Holy Spirit, that we are not alone.

Although we have been battling the storms of COVID and the challenges we
face today, God’s Love and Compassion not only bring us through the clouds
but also enable others to see the light of Jesus. 

As we travel into a new month of September and a new season of Spring, let us continue to keep our eyes on Jesus and not allow the turbulence of life to make us sink or stumble.

Let us declare, ‘Jesus, The Messiah, The Son of God’ and that we are the Sons and Daughters of the Living God! (Matt.16:16)

And put our faith in Him and, not only will we experience life in abundance, we will be a solid rock of faith for others.

Praise Be to God!

Much Love and Blessings,
Malcolm Scanlan