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Reflections is the monthly newsletter of the Brookfield Uniting Church.

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Following is the Minister’s Message from the  December 2018 issue:


Mark 8:29: He asked them, “But who do you say that I am?”
Peter answered him, “You are the Messiah”.

Reflection: ‘Peter … is nothing but a man confessing his faith.’ –
(Bonhoeffer – No Rusty Swords)

It doesn’t take much for us to idealise people, making them larger than life. In
doing this, we embellish humanity and often fortify ourselves with faulty hopes and
dreams. We do this particularly with past heroes of faith. But they too were, like us,
men and women of ability and with great potential, but fraught with vulnerability
and self-interest. It is not on Peter that God promises that he will build his church,
but on Peter, the believer in Jesus Christ. It is not our greatness that will further the
kingdom of God, but our daring to believe the claims of Jesus and to take them
seriously for the way we live.

Thought: Greatness is always limited by the eye of the beholder, while faith in
God’s provision in Christ knows no limits.
(From Charles Ringma – Seize the Day)

Blessings Ian B