Wall hanging reflecting the work of the Holy Spirit in Brookfield from the early days of the timbergetting pioneers to the present and into the future

The Heritage-listed Brookfield Uniting Church is situated at 2 Upper Brookfield Road, Brookfield which is a semi-rural suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

A Family Worship Service is conducted each Sunday at 8.15am.

The Church’s history dates back to 1869 and forms part of an historical precinct incorporating Brookfield State School, The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, the Cemetery and the Showgrounds.

To mark the Church’s 125th birthday, a book entitled Different Tracks was published in 1998 written by Libby Wager.  Despite many obstacles, the Church has endured and is proud that it helped to build a community which still retains a friendly, rural atmosphere.  The congregation which includes many descendants of pioneering families endeavours to play an active Christian role in the evolving character of the Brookfield community.  The Church’s Outreach Activities include holding a Country Market in September each year, providing Breakfast for participants in the annual Bush Christmas Fun Run and holding a twilight Christmas Carols Service.


The beautiful panoramic photo of the Church at the top of the page was taken by Kaz Lawson.